DEFENCE CONSULTING GROUP consult main projects in  the area as follows:

  • Deliveries of spare parts, aggregates and equipment under projects for reactivation of training aircraft L-39;
  • Deliveries of  main rotors blades and tail rotor blades for Mi-17 and Mi – 24 helicopters;
  • Deliveries of spare parts for Mi-17 and Mi – 24 helicopters;
  • Arrangement of  overhauls of  L – 39 training aircraft and Mi – 17 and Mi – 24 helicopters.

Delivery of complete items, overhaul, spare parts:

  • Ammunitions:

•For Small-Arms Weapons;

•For Anti-tank Weapons;

•For Aviation and Anti-aircraft Weapons;

•For Artillery Systems and Mortars;

•Fuses and Primers;

  • Infantry Armament. Assault Rifles;
  • Machine Guns. Hand Grenades;
  • Anti-tank Weapons;
  • Air Defense Weapons;
  • Ground and Underwater Mines and Accessories;
  • Aiming and Surveillance Equipment.